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“Before clarity, there are questions. Before emotions, there is the turmoil of silence. Clay works in much the same way –before simplicity of form there is complexity of the process; of translating emotion and thought. This is the crux of my work today –channelizing, sculpting and refining these complexities to achieve the dynamism of simplicity.”


Rekha Goyal is a Mumbai based ceramic artist. Over the last 19 years, she has worked on installations and murals for private and public spaces, designed ceramic products under her own studio as well as for boutique lifestyle brands, been a part of the education space and projects in art therapy and artisanal craft.


A few years ago, she created a community ceramic studio in the heart of Mumbai which is a dedicated space for the education of the craft making ceramic art easily accessible to the local community, and creating a craft space that has also become a therapeutic practice for people using the space.


An avid traveller, she has been widely quoted for her entrepreneurial work in setting-up one of India’s first networks of homestays. She has advised women groups in rural areas on generating livelihoods through sustainable tourism. She has also trained in the Indian classical dances of Bharatnatyam and Kathak for 9 years.


Rekha Goyal was born in Mumbai in 1979 and spent her early years in South America. She has been running her ceramic art & pottery studio in Mumbai since 1999. She graduated in ceramics from Sir J J School of Art, Mumbai and did her masters in Art in Architecture, London.


Rekha Goyal, Ceramic artist. Mumbai, India.



Selected Murals & Installations

Studio Pepperfry, Mumbai

2018 –I was invited by Studio Pepperfry (India’s leading online furniture portal) to be a part of their World Environment day event to highlight the versatility of clay as an environmentally friendly material.
I constructed a mural, live at their studio using a special clay body that I formulated using clay and plant extracts. The idea was to create a mural using a clay body that would harden on drying such that it could be installed on the wall without any firing.

Antara Senior Living, Dehradun

2018 – Flight of the Bird, a suspended outdoor installation in ceramic and brass, size: 10 ft wing span.

2017 – Solar, Ceramic Mural, size: 20 x 15 ft.

2016 The Cosmic Ocean and The Birth of Life, Ceramic Mural, size: 28 x 15 ft.

Wall Art for a residential space, Mumbai

2018 – Breeze, Ceramic Mural

2016 – The White Shadow, Ceramic Wall Art

Sun n Sand Hotel, Shirdi

2015The Tree, Ceramic Mural

Le Meridien Hotel, Nagpur

2015The Seed, Mural installation, size: 70 x 30 ft.
Holon, suspended art installation, size: 23 x 12 x 6 ft.

Kohler Bold Art artist 2014

2014Invited to create an on-site ceramic installation at India Design 2014, New Delhi as the artist for 2014, Kohler Bold Art programme, size: 15 x 8 x 6 ft.

Grand Hyatt and Park Hyatt Hotels

2013 Mural for the Dining Hall of the Park Hyatt at Chennai

2011Mural for the central lobby and artworks for all the guest rooms of the Grand Hyatt Spa & Resort at Goa.

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai

2007Created a temporary site-specific ceramic installation-“Amalgamation” at Kala Ghoda; Mumbai’s Art district. Sponsored by the TATA Group


Selected Projects

Immersive Experience, in collaboration with Studio Ex-Forma

2018 – I collaborated with multi-disciplinary Studio Ex-Forma to create an immersive experience around emotions inspired by clay. The assembly involved clay, poetry and video followed by an informal discussion around the experience of the participants.

Mentor at the Piramal Art Residency

2017 – Invited to mentor the resident artists at the Sustaining Earth residency, Piramal Art Foundation, Mumbai

Curator on the Kutch pottery project, “Ghadai” supported by the Hermes Foundation, Paris:

2014-15 – I was invited by Khamir, a craft NGO based in Kutch, India to be a part of their 6-month project on the pottery of Kutch for which they had been awarded a fellowship by the Hermes Foundation, Paris.
I was invited to curate a show of works that would be specially created by the village potters of Kutch for an exclusive showing at the Hermes store, Mumbai. The works were auctioned, and funds were used to create
infrastructure for the potters. I also created and published books on each of the works that were part of the show.

Founder of The Pottery Lab, Mumbai

2012The Pottery Lab is a community space dedicated to the teaching of primarily the ceramic arts and other crafts as well. The effort is to make the arts and crafts accessible to the community at large.

Art Therapy, community project

2002-03Case study in art therapy done with a 21-yr old autistic girl at Sadhana School and Training Centre for Disabled Children. It was a completely hands-on, year-long project where clay, sketching, painting and some amount of writing were used as a form of therapy and a developmental tool.


Selected Shows

H2O, AKFD, Jaipur

2018 –Themed around Water, 10 ceramic artists were invited to create ceramic sculptures and murals for this show hosted by Ayush Kasliwal’s Furniture Design studio at Jaipur. My work for the show can be viewed here.

Lunar, Ceramic Tableware

2017 – Exhibited at the newly launched EKHO store in Bangalore, a boutique home store by the Godrej Design Centre. details…

Time, Ceramic Sculpture exhibited at Mutable, Mumbai

2017 – My ceramic sculpture titled “Time” was curated and exhibited at “Mutable”, a show on Indian Ceramic and Clay Art since 1947. This is an initiative of the Piramal Art Foundation. The show has been curated by Jackfruit Research & Design and is showing at the Piramal Museum of Art, Mumbai.

Pretty Blue Cup – a travelling show of my studio pottery

Pretty Blue Cup is a travelling show of my studio pottery and of an adventurous cup in pretty ceramic blues. The show is hosted periodically at different outlets that have an appreciation for art and for studio pottery.

2014– hosted by Mineral at Bandra, Mumbai

2013– hosted by Sanctum at Khar, Mumbai

2013– hosted by The Tribe at Versova, Mumbai

Tiles Forever Show hosted by Delhi Blue Pottery Trust, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

2012Participated in a group show of murals by ceramic artists in India at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Indo-Australian pottery show, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

2010Invited to participate in a collaborative show of Indian and Australian ceramic artists at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Art n Soul gallery, Mumbai

2008Participated in Group pottery show themed “Throw”

Samsara art show, Mumbai

2007Invited to show at “Art within reach”, pottery and ceramic art exhibition by Samsara Art at Hyatt Regency, Mumbai

Group ceramic art shows, Mumbai

2006 Two group shows with Mumbai based Ceramic Artists, Artist Centre, Mumbai

2002Invited to participate in a group show organised by Jehangir Art Gallery

Ceramic art exhibitions in public spaces, Mumbai

2005 & 2006Two shows of my ceramic artworks and lifestyle products hosted by lifestyle store YAMINI in Mumbai. One of my constant endeavours has been to showcase my art work at relevant, yet non-gallery spaces. I believe this helps to make art more accessible and overcome myths.

2005Exhibition of handmade ceramic mugs at Mocha Coffee bar, Mumbai

Exhibition of studio pottery home products, Mumbai

1999‘Simple Things’ : Exhibition of ceramic home products, Mumbai




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