Ceramic Wall Art, “White Shadow”

The concept of this work is to create art that is integrated with the elements around it. As a result the space, its elements and the art all come together to form a harmonious visual irrespective of where it is viewed from.

The White Shadow integrates the chandelier into the visual of the wall art.

I was commissioned to create this wall art for a private residence at Mumbai, India. The concept was developed and the work was customised based on the orientation and scale of the space.

This mural has been made in ceramic and wood.


White Shadow - Wall Art

White Shadow – Wall art for a residential space


White Shadow - Wall Art

The White Shadow, Wall art in ceramic commissioned for a private residence


White Shadow - Work in Progress

  • Naina Singh
    April 27, 2017

    Hi, I really like the idea behind this work. Would like to commission you for a private space. Please do get in touch.

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