Water – Wall Murals

Where there is life, there is water. Water is all around us, within us. Without it, we would all turn to dust. The relationship of water and clay is very similar. My work for the H2O show hosted by the Ayush Kasliwal Furniture Design studio in Jaipur explores this relationship between water and clay from a philosophical, technical and aesthetic perspective.


The Memory of Water

Water gives life to clay and also takes it away. Water completes the cycle of birth and death for clay. My first work, The Memory of Water, tries to capture this elemental relationship of creation and destruction between water and clay.

The water does not exist in the clay object anymore but it has left behind its memory.


The Moods of Water

A calm lake. A rhythmic river. A turbulent ocean. Water is a force of nature. It is alive with moods and emotions. My second work, The Moods of Water explores these emotions. Clay here is the medium to express these moods and like the mood itself, each piece is unique and distinct with its own story.

As my building element, I have used the form of a river pebble – a form created by water to express the various moods of water and the various ways in which we experience water.


Both of my works for the H2O show are murals and can be commissioned for spaces of various sizes as ceramic wall art or a mural. Here are some images of the works at the show.


The H2O show is on till the 15th of October at AKFD, Jaipur.


The Moods of Water – mural. At the H2O show, Jaipur hosted by Ayush Kasliwal’s design studio.


The Memory of Water, wall mural. At the H2O show, Jaipur hosted by Ayush Kasliwal’s design studio.


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