Verve, India

The very dynamic team at Verve, India creates collaborations between two independant women professionals for their monthly issue. The women professionals are from different professions with an overlap in ideology, processes etc.

For their annual Art issue (July-August 2018), they invited me to collaborate with pastry chef Pooja Dhingra of Le 15 Patisserie fame.

It was a fun (though slightly sultry afternoon) in June where we all pottered around at my Bandra studio, The Pottery Lab. Pooja was excited to discover the similarities and differences between clay and pastry as she worked in an organic manner in clay modelling and a more structured one on the potter’s wheel. The highlight for me was her shocked expression when she learnt that it takes us a whole day (8 to 12 hours) to “bake” our ceramic goodies whereas ready pastry can be indulged in, in barely 45 min.

A big thank you for a fun shoot to the very professional and artistic team from Verve – Ojas, Dhruv and Sadaf and their photographer Shweta. Here is the result –




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