On being a woman entrepreneur

Women’s Day 2018: Powerful Stories of 4 Women Entrepreneurs

Here are some excerpts from the interview:
Speaking of her business mantra, Rekha added,”I love what I do. It is such an integral part of who I am and how I live that going to the studio doesn’t feel like I am going to work. Absolute honesty towards my work is what makes my studio click.”

Here are snippets from our conversation with Rekha:

Initial Challenges:

As a woman entrepreneur one may often be at the receiving end of prejudices where it is assumed that as a woman you do not understand the technical aspects and cannot troubleshoot. I can’t say though that it has ever bothered me or been a hindrance in getting work done. I have made myself and my studio independent to an extent where we can take care of technical issues ourselves.

Every woman is a Superwoman. What is your superpower?

Bulls*** detector. That is my superpower. Anybody who lacks honesty, dedication and passion would not last very long at my studio. Jokes apart, I have been very fortunate to have always had amazing colleagues, students, and clients – the people I interact most with. It makes the process fun and productive.

What would you like to change about the current business scenario?

1. The ceramic & pottery heritage has not just exceptional work but an exceptional work philosophy as well.However, there is a tendency to confine ceramic art within the bounds of its traditional definitions. I believe that we should learn from this heritage and grow rather than contain ourselves within these confines.

2. As an art form, ceramic art is still undervalued in India perhaps due to its craft history or a lack of awareness. In the two decades that I have been a practicing ceramic artist, I have seen a positive change. A lot more can happen and in due course, I know that will happen too; we are all doing our bit.

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