The Big Handle Mugs

Handcrafted range of minimal, modern and earthy mugs with handles so large and so comfortable. While the style remains the same, no two pieces are ever alike.


The mugs are about 220 ml in capacity and are microwave proof and dishwasher safe. They come gift packed in elegant khaki boxes.


The range:


Handmade mugs in ceramic stoneware - "Equilibrium" by Mumbai-based studio potter Rekha Goyal

EQUILIBRIUM – Handcrafted mugs in stoneware ceramic


SKETCH – Handcrafted mugs in ceramic stoneware


SAHYADRI – Handcrafted Mugs in ceramic stoneware


LEFT HANDED ONLY – Handcrafted Mugs in Stoneware Ceramic


The mugs are priced at Rs.784 inclusive of GST.

Shipping extra.


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