Crafts of Anegundi, India

Dried water hyacinth stems at the workshop in Anegundi, Karnataka, India


Water hyacinth is an aggressive aquatic weed, that blocks the supply of oxygen to marine life in the river. The men of Anegundi painstakingly cleanse their river, the Tungabhadra of this weed while the women use its dried stem to weave beautiful baskets.

Support this craft and you support a community, a village and a river.


The all-women workshop at Anegundi where the water hyacinth stems are dried, straightened and then woven into beautiful baskets.


The weaving of the water hyacinth being done on a metal frame to get the desired shape.


Anegundi is a quaint village across the river Tungabhadra from the Hampi ruins. Besides seeing the local crafts it is also a great place to stay when visiting Hampi. One can stay at restored 120-yr old village homestays and enjoy a home cooked meal with one of the local families. Get in touch with the Kishkinda trust, an initiative by Shama Pawar that manages and runs these homestays along with some beautiful rustic cottages. Siraj, the manager is an omnipresent personality, always ready to help during your stay at Anegundi.

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